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jougen_no_tsuki's Journal

» 昔のボクにある上弦の月
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Name: Koiy Yotsuba
Age: 18 years
DOB: October 20
Blood Type: O
Religion: Christian
Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Nationality: ½ Japanese, ½ American
Height: 155cm (5'1")
Weight: 45kg (100lbs)
Occupation: student + waitress @ Miami Garden
Future Goals: to become a wildlife photographer

&&; I'm a generally happy person... I get upset easily, but I get over it even easier. I'm a passifist, so I refuse to take harsh physical OR verbal action on anyone, no matter what they've done. I love to meet new people, but I'm not that great of a friend on livejournal considering I'm usually busy with school and my track team. >_<; ...Music takes up about 90% of my life right now, and I'm happy with that. The other 10% consists of my sweet, dorky boyfriend Hajime, school, work, movies, journalism, photography, friends, lolita shopping, and web design. :)

I'm graduating school this year in July, and plan on moving to the US to go to a school of photography. I'm just not sure which one yet. >_< I'm completely fluent in Japanese & English and am currently learning Korean, Thai, and German.

I keep a Japanese blog as well, but I choose to keep it private. ♥

Lovely boys I just couldn't live without:

Tokio Hotel

Hyde -- singer & actor Teppei -- singer of WaT & actor Jiro -- bassist of GLAY Tegoshi -- singer of NEWS & actor Yamapi -- singer of NEWS & actor Tatsuya Fujiwara -- actor Shou -- singer of alice nine. Jay Chou -- singer & actor Kanon -- bassist of An Cafe Yoshiki -- drummer & pianist of X Japan, etc, etc, etc Keita Tachibana -- lead singer of w-inds. Hotaka Yamashita -- guitar & harmonica of Ikimono Gakari

Loves: music, journalism, poetry, photography, video games, X Japan, piano, acoustic guitar, ballads, animals, anime, YUI, hot "goth" boys, black, scarves, big black boots, lord of the rings, wolves, computers, playstation 2, spyro, crash bandicoot, candles, winter, Autumn, ramen, rain, my boyfriend's coat, really soft beds, lolita, coffee, spiders, coverse shoes, nature, thunderstorms, dancing, web designing, coke, airsoft battles, corcor rum, fantasy books, cello, Thai food, chocolate, Hajime, my parents & friends, bass guitar, the smell of coffee, the sound of my cats' snoring, my best friend's smile, my job.

Hates: milk, rap, Koda Kumi, when someone smokes around me, school, sports, hypocrites, liars, killing animals for food/clothing, when i cant get a good photo, conflict, when music isnt appreciated for music.